Brewed with 100% organic grain and certified Regio Garantie!

This is a light wheat beer in the Belgian style (witbier), with characteristic aromas of citrus and spice. It’s low in bitterness.

Alc. 5,0%     IBU 10

L’intemporelle food pairings: seafood, fish (including raw fish as used in sushi and ceviches), spring vegetables, salads, mildy spicy dishes, and goat’s milk cheese.

Brewed with 100% organic grain and certified Regio Garantie!

This is a delicately fruity blonde ale fermented with Kveik yeast. It is low in bitterness.

Alc. 5,0%     IBU 10

La perche filante food pairings: perch fillets and other fish from the lake, the Neuchatel unleavened bread known as ‘sèche’, Neuchatel sausage and ‘britchon’ cheese. But since it’s such an easy-going and inclusive beer, it pairs well not only with Neuchatel specialities, but also with almost every dish under the sun.

This is a crisp dry-hopped pilsner with floral, spicy and lemongrass notes from the hop varieties Saphir and Tettnanger.

Alc. 5%     IBU 30

L’interstellaire food pairings: poultry, fish, sausages, pasta dishes, pizzas, potatoes, green vegetables, and moderately spicy dishes.

This is a heavily dry-hopped, crisp IPA with aromas of pine and citrus fruit. It has robust bitterness.

Alc. 6,1%     IBU 45

Le 7ème ciel food pairings: pork dishes, ribs, grilled meat, pulses, spicy dishes, and creamy and nutty cheeses.

This is a juicy IPA with a complex grain bill that includes rye, wheat and oats, all of which contribute to its silky mouthfeel. A specially selected yeast combines with large quantities of European and American hops, added on the cold side, for a taste bomb of stone fruit. It’s moderately bitter. 

Alc. 7,2%     IBU 35

Le dernier cri food pairings: turkey, fowl, game, wild mushrooms, polenta, sweet-and-sour sauces, and pumpkin and butternut dishes.

This is a well-balanced American style amber ale, lightly hopped to bring to the fore flavours of caramelised malt. It’s moderate in bitterness.

Alc. 5,0%     IBU 30

L’êlektron libre food pairings: cured meats (salami and cured hams in particular), tart vegetables, grilled or smoked meat, duck, ripe cheeses, and desserts with fruit.

This is a dark stout with intense aromas of coffee, chocolate and caramel. It has robust bitterness and is infused with Tree Frog whole coffee beans from our local craft roaster Okapi Coffee.

Alc. 6,8%     IBU 50

L’autre monde food parings: cured sausages, dried fruit, nutty cheeses, fruit pies and tarts, and chocolate or coffee-flavoured desserts.


Our bottled seasonal beers currently available are La culottée, an apricot kettle sour, and Brut de Brute, a blonde beer fermented with Neuchatel wine must.


Order kegs of any of our beers for your parties, events, bar or restaurant. Our kegs hold 10 litres or 20 litres and have S-type heads.
Prices vary based on style. Please contact us for our price list.
We also rent beer coolers, bottles of C02 and reusable plastic cups.
If you have a large order, we can lend you the extra material instead of you having to rent it.