Bespoke events for more than 10 people
Tasting events for 2 to 10 people
Beer fondue for small and large groups
“Jeudredi de biérologie” afterwork events @ Brasserie Celestial



Would you like to visit a craft brewery, find out how we brew, discover our ingredients, taste different styles of beer and have loads of fun doing it? You’ve come to the right place! We have several options for you.

Are you organising a business dinner? A birthday party? An association meeting? A friendly get-together? We offer bespoke events for groups of 11 or more peoples. Contact us directly for an estimate for a beer tasting (with or without a meal), drinks and buffet, beer fondue or full tasting menu on the day of your choice: +41 (0)79 284 62 97 or contact(at)celestial.ch.

For visits by one to ten people, we have fixed dates and registration is mandatory. There are good reasons for this, namely, that the brewery is a production site, not a restaurant or bar, and that there are only two of us working here. However, we will be over the moon to see you! You’ll find more info and the various registration forms below.


There are 3 options for individuals and small grouops:

    1. ‘Jeudredi de biérologie’, our afterwork event
    2. « L’astral » and « Le solaire » beer tastings
    3. Beer fondue (from 4 people)

The ‘jeudredi de biérologie’ is an after-work event at Celestial organised by the not-for-profit ‘Amis des brasseries artisanales neuchâteloises’ (ABAN). Come and try the beer on tap, have a bite, chat with the brewers and have a general good time with your friends! It’s really simple to register, but there are a few rules:

  • One registration per participant, i.e. everyone who’s coming has to register
  • If you want something to eat, please order a dish when you register

Does that work for you? The registration form is below. See you soon!

« L’astral » (CHF 22 per person) and « Le solaire » (CHF 42 per person) both offer tasting of six types of beer (1dl per style) along with snacks, a guided tour of the brewery, an explanation of the brewing process and sensory appreciation of malt and hops. The « Le solaire » tasting comes with an individual meal platter of cold cuts, cheese and bread.

Our beer fondue is for tables 0f 4 to 10 people. We use our Belgian-style witbier, ‘L’intemporelle’ in place of white wine and our beer brandy, ‘ Le psychopompe’, in place of the kirsch. The fondue (200g of chees per person) is served wit a 3dl glass of beer per person, salad and gherkins at a price of CHF 35 per person. It’s possible to order more beer and non-alcoholic drinks during your meal.

The dates for these events until the end of 2024 are:

  • Thursday 25 July
  • Thursday 29 August
  • Thursday 19 September
  • Thursday 17 October
  • Thursday 28 November

We look forward to your visit!