THE BREWERY WILL BE CLOSED ON 30/09, 05/10, 06/10 & 07/10

The brewery will be closed on Saturday 30 September for the  Festival de bières artisanales in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Come and support us and the other regional breweries!

The brewery will also be closed for the holidays from Thursday 5 to Saturday 7 October.

Hoppy hols to everyone!



Our witbier and blonde ale, brewed with local organic raw materials, have been awarded the Neuchâtel Vins et Terroir Regio Garantie label!

Both styles are available in bottles and kegs.

We are a proudly local brewery! 

Have you asked yourself what you can do to help your local economy and the environment? It’s really simple: order local beer in your canton’s bars and restaurants and be aware of fake ‘craft beer’ being sold by large industrial groups!


On Saturday 8 April, at Salon de la Bière in Martigny, we won gold in the stout category and bronze in the amber beer category.

Our coffee stout – L’autre monde – is full-bodied and has intense but balanced flavours and robust bitterness.

Our American-style amber – L’êlektron libre – has a complex mix of malts, but is relatively light and can be enjoyed at any time of the year.


We won two best-in-category prizes in the 2ème Concours de la bière artisanale neuchâteloise (2nd Neuchatel Craft Beer Competition): one for our IPA (Le 7ème ciel) and one for our apricot kettle sour (La culottée)!


You: I don’t have the energy to go out shopping! And I hate carrying heavy bags!

Us: Did you know you can stay comfortably at home AND buy our beer on-line? And the best part is that you won’t have to pay for shipping for orders of CHF 100 or more!

You: What an absolutely amazing offer!

Us: Oh thanks! We’re blushing right now!

You: This is all very lovely but perhaps you could stop inventing conversations and get back to brewing.

Us: Erm yes, you’re right… The link to our website is below… 



This fruity beer brandy was distilled from our coffee stout (L’autre monde) by Matter Spirits in Kalnach. 



After a first inglorious attempt at the age of 14 at making alcohol by fermenting grapes in a plastic container under his bed in his hometown of Sveg, Sweden, Peter ended up studying IT. He moved to Neuchatel in 1992 to work for an industrial design software multinational. On his business trips to California, Peter discovered Marin Brewing Company and Anchor Brewing, Sierra Nevada and Lagunitas beers – and became a keen craft beer enthusiast. He started brewing as a hobby. As his taste for craft beer grew, his taste for endless business meetings diminished. In 2017 he decided to open his own independent craft brewery. Today he is in his element.

Marianne’s great-great-great-great-grandmother, a 44-year-old widow, ran away with the 26-year-old Swedish gardener who worked on her family farm, provoking a massive scandal at the time. Unfortunately, Marianne’s ancestor died before Jacob Letterstedt, the man who became her second husband, made a success of his project: the Mariendahl Brewery in Cape Town. It would later become one of the founding institutions of South African Breweries. Marianne, one of the founders Celestial, hopes to have her revenge on history for her forbear’s sake. Today, as co-founder, she brews with Peter, imagines beer names and invents Celestial iconography.


Brasserie Celestial is located on the shore of lake Neuchâtel, near the city of Neuchâtel, about 200 metres from La Tène Beach.

The brewery is open for bottle sales from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursdays, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, or by appointment.